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Excellent Presentation Award

One presentation will be selected from each oral presentation session, and the presenter will obtain the Excellent Presentation Certificate.

All the selections will be based on the comments and marks given by the Session Chairs and Conference Chairs.

The final result, certificates and award will be issued at the end of each session.

2019 6th International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2019) Da Nang, Vietnam, January 16-18, 2019

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2018 5th International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2018) Bali, Indonesia, January 14-16, 2018

Can Nanomaterials Increase the Heat Capacity and Thermal Conducvity of Heat Tranfer Fluids
Muataz Atieh
Hmad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar

Study of Corrosion Behavior on the Addition of Sodium Citrate in Nickel Electroplating on SPCC Steel Using EIS
Rini Riastuti, Cika Ramadini, Sonia Taruli Siallagan, Achmad Rifki and Falah Herdino
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

Photocatalytic Water Splitting over Titania Supported Copper and Nickel Oxide in Photoelectrochemical Cell; Optimization of Photoconversion Efficiency
Norani Muti Mohamed, Robabeh Bashiri, Chong Fai Kait and Suriati Sufian
Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia

Effect of Synthesis Conditions on the Morphology of ZnO@rGO Nanocomposite: A Comparative Study on the Morphological Impact on the Photocatalytic Property
Nguyen Van Quang, Marjorie Lara Baynosa, Mostafa Saad Sayed Mohamed and Jae-Jin Shim
Yeungnam University, South Korea

Water Injection Fracture Pressure and Fracture Propagation Investigating in Poorly Consolidated Sandstone
A. Fan Baitao, B. Deng Jingen, C. Lin Hai, D. Sun Jin and E. Li Jin
China University of Petroleum-Beijing, China

2017 4th International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2017) Bangkok, Thailand, January 8-10, 2017

Session 1: B0007

Improvement of Collagen Gel/Sponge Composite Scaffold by Gel Wrapping for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Yusuke Nakamuta, Mitsugu Todo and Takaaki Arahira

Session 2: M0008

The Capability of Beauveria Bassiana for Cellulase Enzyme Production

Wanida Petlamul, Thawatchai Sripornngam, Narawadee Buakwan, Sawai Buakaew and Kuntapon Mahamad

Session 3: M0017

Computational Functional Annotation of Conserved Putative Hypothetical Proteins from Peptoclostridium Difficile 630 Strain

Mageswari Sundraraja, Suresh Kumar

Session 4: M0006

Extracellular Lignin Degrading Enzymes from Lasiodiplodia sp. Endophytes Catalyze Biodegradation of Recalcitrant Dyes

Dessa Camille Batoctoy, Princess Rosery Cabotaje, Rafael Manalo and Eizadora Yu

2016 3rd International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2016) Penang, Malyaisa, January 12-13, 2016

Session 1: B1003 
Treatment of High Salinity Wastewater Rich in Nitrate and Phosphate Using Sequential Bioreactors System
Saud Al-Shammari and A. Shahalam

Session 2: C0004
Development of Motion-Blur-Compensated High-Speed Moving Visual Inspection Vehicle for Tunnels
Tomohiko Hayakawa 

2015 2nd International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2015)  Dubai, UAE, January 10-11, 2015

Bacterial “Masons” at Work with Wastes for Producing Eco-Cement
O. A. Cuzman, L. Wittig, F. J. Royo Abancéns, C. Herrera, N. R. Anastasi, and L. Sánchez Alonso

Can Shale Oil Prevent The Price Down Fall?
Y. Norouzi

Application of Curve Number Method for Estimation of Runoff Potential in GIS Environment
Ishtiyaq Ahmad, Vivek Verma, and Mukesh Kumar Verma

    2014 International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2014)  Macau, January 24-25, 2014

High Molecular Sericin from Bombyx Mori Cocoons: Extraction and Recovering by Ultrafiltration 
Marcelino L. Gimenes, Vitor R. Silva, Melissa G. A. Vieira, Meuris G. C. Silva, and Agnes P. Scheer

Effect of Different Types of Music on Rosa Chinensis Plants
Vidya Chivukula and Shivaraman Ramaswamy

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2019 6th International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2019)